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Terrestrial Invaders Workshop

Whether introduced by boat, plane or simple human error, invasive species can threaten the local environment, economy and even human health. Learn about different species of invasive plant species that are threatening native Canadian species and what you can do to fight their spread.

A typical workshop will include:

  1. Information on established terrestrial invaders and their impact in Peel and Halton

  2. How to identify these species and the next wave of invasive species to watch out for!

  3. Indoor and outdoor curriculum-linked activities

  4. Training on using EDDMapS Ontario (web-based invasive species mapping system) in your classroom

  5. How to take action with your students through local monitoring and stewardship programs


Curriculum Connections

The content covered in the Terrestrial Invaders workshop can be applied across numerous grades and subjects taught in Ontario. However, we find connections to the following courses and strands are some of the strongest:




STEM Education

The Terrestrial Invaders workshop helps teachers incorporate STEM education and STSE expectations into everyday lessons. Teachers who participate in this workshop will:

  • Learn about methods for monitoring invasive species populations
  • Learn how to remove invasive species
  • Create and keep a field journal
  • Discover career opportunities in the field
  • Use the latest technology to identify and report sightings of invasive species

This workshop is a collaboration between EcoSpark, the Early Detection & Rapid Response (EDRR) Network Ontario, Credit Valley Conservation and the Riverwood Conservancy

Upcoming dates for this workshop:

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The Early Detection & Rapid Response (EDRR) Network Ontario project trains and equips volunteers with the skills and resources needed to better detect and reduce invasive species in Ontario, one community at a time. The EDRR is a partnership between the Invasive Species Centre and the Ontario Invasive Plant Council.

This project will help move invasive species knowledge and action outside of expert circles by arming volunteers with awareness, knowledge and tools to undertake on-the-ground projects in the community. Together, we will increase the awareness of invasive species and support hands-on work to detect them and reduce their impacts.