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Learn more about the programs EcoSpark offers to support teachers in and outside of the classroom!

  • Changing Currents – Learn more about EcoSpark’s Changing Currents water monitoring program and register your class or student group for a stream study of their own!

  • Specialist High Skills Major – EcoSpark has more in store for Special High Skills Major (SHSM) programs, offering certificates and the opportunity for students to practice more skills with our Changing Currents program.

  • Greenbelt Youth Charter – Bring Ontario’s Greenbelt to your classroom and explore its significance with students using the Greenbelt Youth Charter, or host the Charter at your school.

  • School Watch – Looking for PD that’s different? Register for a School Watch workshop and discover more ways to integrate environmental education into your every day lessons, practice new field skills and learn more about your local environment!

  • Resources – Find more resources to enhance your learning on watersheds, Ontario’s Greenbelt and land use policies.

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