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                          Joyce Chau








Joyce Chau

Joyce Chau

Executive Director

647-258-3280 x 2005 joyce@ecospark.ca

Joyce did not let her allergies to plants and animals get in the way of her passion for the outdoors! She has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with many field courses in ecology, ornithology and entomology. Joyce has been working in the environmental not-for-profit sector for over a decade, leading collaborative community education projects and citizen science programs across southern Ontario.




Paul Mero

Interim Executive Director

647-258-3280 x 2005 paul@ecospark.ca 

Studying political science taught Paul that democracies work when citizens are engaged in their communities. Combining that understanding with his love of wild spaces led him to a career in the environmental not-for-profit sector. For the last twenty-five years, he’s focused on helping individuals understand the environmental challenges we face and look for local solutions to overcome them.





Karen Bennedsen

Financial and Office Administrator

647-258-3280 x 2002 accounts@ecospark.ca

Karen helps EcoSpark bring about positive change by taking care of the office and its finances. She even finds creative ways to reuse or re-purpose broken monitoring equipment. Karen also rides her bike and works as a gardener, both of which keep her outdoors as much as possible.





Sara Bowman

Citizen Science Coordinator 

647-258-3280 x 2003 sara@ecospark.ca

Sara's passion for ecology, bird watching, and educating the public about the environment started during her undergraduate degree, where she focused on biodiversity, conservation, and ecology. Through a graduate degree in Environmental Science, Sara discovered the immense value of citizen science for advancing conservation, and has been working professionally and on a volunteer basis to encourage the public to take an active role in protecting their local environment and beyond. Working with EcoSpark was the logical way forward as Sara continues with her passion of spreading knowledge about nature and how fun and amazing it can be! 




Holli Campbell

Environmental Education Coordinator

647-258-3280 x 2011 holli@ecospark.ca

Holli is excited to be a part of EcoSpark's Changing Currents team. Inspired by an environmental education program in high school, Holli has always been passionate about the environment, the outdoors, and education. She has pursued this passion through her studies by obtaining her Bachelor's of Environmental Studies and diplomas in Ecosystem Management.






 Carina Bott

Environmental Education Lead Instructor

647-258-3280 x 2011 carina@ecospark.ca

Carina’s passion for the environment began in high school and has continued to grow as she has added a Bachelor's of Environmental Studies and a Diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology to her name. She previously worked in the non-profit sector where she discovered the joy of communicating ideas about the wonders of exploring the outdoors to young minds. She is now in her second year at EcoSpark as the Lead Program Instructor of Changing Currents.





Sara Kuruvilla

Environmental Education Assistant 

647-258-3280 x 2011 sarak@ecospark.ca

With a passion for conservation and wildlife at an early age, Sara pursued a BSc. (Honors) in Wildlife Biology and an advanced diploma in Ecosystem Management Technology. She also has an intense passion to travel, experience new cultures, and learn many languages. In her fight to protect the environment and develop a sustainable future, Sara believes it is vital to engage communities with the natural world around them. Through the Changing Currents program, she is excited to exercise her certification in the Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN), while captivating the youth about the importance of some of nature’s aquatic creepy crawlies.




Kathleen Watt

Education Consultant


Kathleen enjoys being outdoors and is passionate about protecting the environment.  She has completed her Master's in Geography and Bachelor of Education, and loves to bring ideas about environmental sustainability and land use planning into and out of the classroom.  Kathleen delivers teacher and student workshops on complete communities and growth in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.





Catherine Kurucz

Education Consultant 

Catherine is a science teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.  She and her students have participated in EcoSpark's Changing Currents program since 2009.  Catherine was also involved in the design and implementation of EcoSpark's Nature Academy program in 2013.  With a passion for environmental education, Catherine continues to volunteer with EcoSpark's programs.





 Murray MacKay
Science Consultant


Murray has a Ph.D. in physics and has been a scientist with Environment and Climate Change Canada for more than 20 years. He runs an aquatic and meteorological research programme at the Experimental Lakes Area in northwestern Ontario, and develops computer models for numerical weather prediction and climate change research.  He has particular interests in scientific literacy and outreach, especially around citizen science initiatives in the environmental arena.