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Are you teaching an Environment SHSM?

EcoSpark offers SHSM workshops to certify students in 'Introduction to Stream Assessment Protocol' (as outlined in the SHSM Policy and Implementation Guide)!

Length: 6 hours

Description: Changing Currents offers a full-day certification study for Environment SHSM students. Students spend the morning collecting biological, chemical and physical stream data. Your students will have the opportunity to use multiple scientific instruments include turbidty tubes, dissolved oxygen metres, multi-paramter chemical probes, gps units etc.The afternoon is focused on an in-depth analysis of our results and benthos identification. Students gain an understanding of how to conduct a water quality assessment and how to interpret their results.

Students will gain an in-depth understanding on the following:

  • An overview of the watershed, sub-watershed and water body of where their study took place
  • The significance of human activities upstream and downstream of their sampling site and how that impacts the watershed
  • The importance of water quality, pollution sources, and actions that can be taken to reduce human impact on watersheds
  • In-depth Benthic Macroinvertebrate Identification presentation
  • In class chemical, biological and physical data analysis with explanation of specific indices used to calculate for biodiversity and abundance of BMIs
  • Overview of EcoSpark's maps and how to compare trends across seasons, watersheds, and past studies with our designations of impaired, potentially impaired and unimpaired sites across the Greater Toronto Area. 

EcoSpark's certifications come with an evaluation and upon successful completion, students receive an 'Introduction to Stream Monitoring' certificate as a proof-of-certification. For more information or booking and cost details, please click here or contact changingcurrents@ecospark.ca