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Live Green Toronto Community Animation Program (2009-2012)

From January 2009 to December 2012, EcoSpark lead the Live Green Toronto (LGTO) Community Animation Program. The City of Toronto demonstrated leadership in contracting out community animation to a collaborative of local environmental and social organizations led by EcoSpark. The unique and innovative program was aimed at mobilizing the diverse communities across the City of Toronto through community animation. Click here to read more.

Monitoring the Moraine Program (2005-2012)

From 2005 to 2012, EcoSpark led the Monitoring the Moraine (MTM) program, recognizing the need for an active citizen voice in the stewardship of the Oak Ridges Moraine. The goal of the program was to build a movement of engagement and informed communities to protect the Oak Ridges Moraine by providing opportunities for people to discover and celebrate the moraine, monitor its health, and work towards democratic governance where all stakeholders take responsibility in the Moraine’s safekeeping. Click here to read more.

Moraine Hero Awards (2006-2012)

The Moraine Hero Awards were given to recognize and celebrate people who helped make the Oak Ridges Moraine a better place. Between 2006 and 2012, EcoSpark recognized 33 Moraine Heroes representing 2100 individuals. Awards were given to an individual, organization or agency that contributed significantly to improving the ecology and hydrology of the Oak Ridge Moraine and the social well-being of people who live and work on or downstream of the Moraine. Click here to read more.

Check Your Watershed Day (2006-2011)

Check Your Watershed Day is a stream survey where volunteers work alongside conservation authorities and ENGOs to determine where water is flowing throughout an entire watershed on a single day, i.e., monitoring water quantity or baseflow, to determine the health of the watershed. Click here to read more.

Toronto Lichen Count/Learning Atmospheres (2001-2007)

From 2001 to 2007, EcoSpark developed and delivered “Learning Atmospheres”, a program that engaged communities in air quality monitoring using lichens as biological indicators. Click here to read more.

Better Beaches (2007-2009)

From 2007 to 2009, EcoSpark supported a network of volunteers to monitor the health and safety of Toronto's beaches. Volunteers tracked Toronto beaches' compliance with the international Blue Flag program, an international eco-label that recognizes safe and healthy beaches in 36 countries. Click here to read more.

Ontario Lakes for the Future (2007-2008)

The Ontario Lakes for the Future (OLF) program provided a platform to support existing lake and watershed health monitoring protocols, laying the groundwork for just such a standard methodology for collecting data on Canada’s surface waters. Click here to read more.

Wattwize (2005-2013)

Wattwize was an interactive electricity program that built a culture of conservation in schools across the Greater Toronto Area. From 2005 to 2013, we supported and coached over 13,500 elementary and high school students to be conservation champions. Click here to read more.

Our Green Schools (2010-2011)

EcoSpark partnered with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to deliver Our Green Schools (OGS), a program to engage students in key environmental issues in their schools. Click here to read more.