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Park Watch

Green Spaces as Learning Places

What is Park Watch?

Park Watch is a program where community members learn how to lead citizen science projects right in their local green spaces. We provide workshops for your community group, along with the scientific equipment necessary to carry out environmental projects such as tree inventories, pollinator monitoring, and bird surveys. The citizen science projects available through our Park Watch program allows the public to contribute meaningful data while learning about ecosystem health, positive actions and environmental science in the community.  

Park Watch Guide

Park Watch Guide

The Park Watch Guide is a resource to help you and your community group lead outdoor citizen science activities right in your local green spaces or backyards! 

This resource includes a step-by-step guide to conducting citizen science research in your local green spaces; citizen science projects; and additional information to help you get started. It is free for educational use.  Find pollinators, measure tree canopy, map habitat, and more! (The Park Watch Guide opens as a pdf document in a new window.) 

Citizen Science Calendar

The Citizen Science Calendar shows which citizen science projects are best for each season of the year. 

School Watch Calendar


For more information about Park Watch, please contact:
Dana Buchbinder, Citizen Science Coordinator 
647-258-3280 x 2003

Thank you for your interest in Park Watch. We hope to see you outside!


This project would not be possible without the generous financial support from TD Friends of the Environment and Park People