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Step 5: Take action locally for a healthier watershed

Now you've discovered something about your local stream or river. Why stop there? There are lots of things that you and your class can do to take action based on your results.

EcoSpark is developing some resources to help you! We have categorized our resources into four categories:

Logo for School and Community Education Category
Share what you've discovered with your school and community:

  • Press Releases and Newpaper Articles
    Inform your school community about what you've found by writing a newspaper article or informing the local press with a press release.

  • More to come!

Localized Stream Action Category Logo
Make a direct, positive impact on your local stream's health:

communicating Results Category Logo
Use your data to encourage governments and businesses to act responsibly and in favour of stream health:

  • Letter-Writing Campaign
    Craft a compelling letter to someone in government or business who can make a positive decision on the health of your local stream.

  • More to come!

Changing Habits Category Logo
Encourage small habits that reduce our negative impact on the stream ecosystem:

  • Making Waves
    Challenge your classmates and family to change their problematic habits into stream-healthy ones.

  • More to come!

Contact EcoSpark for more information at changingcurrents@ecospark.ca.