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Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe provides direction to municipalities on how and where to grow their communities over a 35-year horizon to 2041. As generational decisions are being made for this region, it is important that people living, working and playing within the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) understand the vision and goals of the Growth Plan, especially young people whose livelihoods will be directly impacted by today’s decisions.

In this workshop, you will learn about the Growth Plan and increase your awareness and understanding of growth planning to support your teaching in the GGH. By promoting and supporting the concepts of complete communities in formal education, young people will become informed, engaged and involved in how our communities mature and grow now and into the future. This will help ensure a strong economy, a clean and healthy environment and social equity within the region.

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A typical workshop will include:

  1. An overview of the Greater Golden Horseshoe: its history, economy, species and habitats, agriculture and physical features
  2. Information about Ontario’s 2017 review of the GGH Growth Plan, titled Places to Grow
  3. Information about the effects of climate change on land use planning and strategies for developing sustainable communities
  4. Information about creating a dynamic map, incorporating mobile devices, social media platforms, GPS units and GIS software
  5. An overview of Neptis Geoweb, an interactive mapping tool for understanding land use and transportation planning in the GGH
  6. Lots of take-away resources and equipment, plus up to two hours of personal, follow-up support, to help you bring what you have learned to life at your school

Curriculum Connections

The content covered in Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe can be applied across numerous grades and subjects taught in Ontario. However, we find connections to the following courses and strands are some of the strongest:





STEM Education

The Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe workshop helps teachers incorporate STEM education and STSE expectations into everyday lessons. Teachers who participate in this workshop will:

  • Learn to map excursions using a variety of tools
  • Identify opportunities for civic engagement
  • Connect with sustainable communities advocacy groups
  • Discover land use issues in their own community
  • Learn about Neptis Geoweb

Upcoming dates for this workshop:

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