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Environmental Education


Going with the Flow: An analysis of Check Your Watershed Day, 2006 to 2010

An in-depth analysis of all of the citizen science data collected from five years of Check Your Watershed Day across 17 unique watersheds in southern Ontario.


Trees of the Oak Ridges Moraine

Learn how to identify the most commonly found trees on the Oak Ridges Moraine.



Our Solar Future

In 2010, EcoSpark partnered with the Toronto District School Board to develop Our Solar Future, a program to connect school solar panels with elementary student learning.



Wattwize: Teacher Guide

An energy conservation guide for teachers with contextual information, instruction, suggestions and handouts to support a successful electricity conservation project with energy meters.

Our Green Schools

The Our Green Schools program with the Toronto District School Board included a documentary program where we coached high school students from five TDSB schools to create exciting top quality environmental films based on the issues they were most concerned about. These documentaries were publically screened with much success to a packed audience at the Revue Cinema on June 1st, 2011. Topics included solar PV, sustainability, e-waste, LEED certification, recycling and sustainability at school.

Click here for a copy of these documentaries.



The Water We Drink

Complete with lesson plans, activities and learning extensions this guide will support your efforts to bring watersheds to life in (or outside of) the classroom.

For more information about The Water We Drink, or to register for a Nature Academy workshop visit, www.natureacademy.ca/the-water-we-drink



The Air We Breathe

Complete with lesson plans, instructions and data sheets this guide will provide you with the tools and information to have your students monitor and understand local air quality!

For more information about The Air We Breathe, or to register for a Nature Academy workshop visit, www.natureacademy.ca/the-air-we-breathe



Our Urban Pollinators

This guide will introduce you to the many ways to use your school grounds to support healthy pollinator populations AND student learning! Learn about our most common local pollinators and bring pollination education to your classroom!

For more information about Our Urban Pollinators, or to register for a Nature Academy workshop visit, www.natureacademy.ca/our-urban-pollinators


The Geography of the Greenbelt

 Learn more about the policies and practices that protect and threaten Ontario’s Greenbelt and its natural resources. Lesson ideas and extensions allow you to use Ontario’s Greenbelt as a case study for science, biology, language arts, civic studies and geography!

For more information about The Geography of the Greenbelt, or to register for a Nature Academy workshop visit, www.natureacademy.ca/the-geography-of-the-greenbelt