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Community Groups

EcoSpark provides community groups and organizations with the information and tools for civic engagement, making local communities more vibrant and sustainable.

  • School Watch - Participate in a School Watch workshop to improve your knowledge about watersheds, forests, the Greenbelt or pollinators and take away new tools for use in your own projects.

  • Greenbelt Youth Charter – Show your support for a richer, greener more robust Greenbelt by signing the Greenbelt Youth Charter or hosting it at your next community event.

  • Changing Currents – Register your group to participate in monitoring local water quality.

  • Marvellous Moraine - Learn more about the Oak Ridges Moraine and what you can do to protect this invaluable natural wonder.

  • Resources – Find more resources to support your learning about watersheds, Ontario’s Greenbelt and land use policies.

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