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Changing Currents

Connect your students to their local watershed through a hands-on water quality investigation

WHAT is Changing Currents?

EcoSpark's Changing Currents program introduces grades 6-12 students from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to their local watersheds and teaches them about watershed science. Students get outside, put on hip waders, explore a river or stream, and learn about its importance and quality.

By participating in the program students will:

  1. use benthic macro-invertebrate bio-monitoring as well as chemical and physical monitoring to examine the health of their local river or stream,

  2. contribute to a GTA-wide study of watersheds, and

  3. have the chance to take action in their community concerning what they discover.

Changing Currents is a half-day workshop for regular classes or a full-day certification study for SHSM classes (please see our SHSM page for more details).

WANT to add stewardship to your Changing Currents day?

TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN PEEL! EcoSpark has a new collaborative program with our friends at Credit Valley Conservaton that combines our Changing Currents program with stewardship on public lands in Peel Region. To learn more and how to register, click here

TEACHERS AND STUDENTS IN DURHAM! EcoSpark has a new collaborative program with our friends at Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority(CLOCA) that combines our Changing Currents program with stewardship on public lands in Durham Region. To learn more and to register, click here

WHERE is Changing Currents?

Changing Currents studies take place wherever YOU are! Classes are welcome to choose a study site wherever they like! Some schools prefer to travel to a beloved waterway, but we also encourage classes to investigate their local water in the streams, rivers, and creeks that are walking distance from the school. Consult our MAPS or contact our knowledgeable staff to help pick a study site near you!

WHEN is Changing Currents?

The studies take place during spring (mid-April to mid-June) and fall (September through October). A session for one class (max. 30 students) will last 3 hours, and can be booked in the morning, or afternoon. It is possible for multiple classes to complete the session in one day. If you would like to register a large number of students, please contact our staff directly to discuss what accommodations can be made.  

Note: The Changing Currents-Branch Out collaboative program can accomodate up to 60 students and is a full day of programming. However there will be limited spots in 2020.

HOW does Changing Currents work?

EcoSpark provides FREE teacher training for every teacher participating in the program.  Training day is a fun event where you meet other teachers, learn new monitoring skills, get into the water and try the equipment. To participate in Changing Currents, we ask that AT LEAST one trained teacher be outside and on-site for every class in the field. Click here for registration information. Please feel free to contact our staff if you have any questions.

TEACHERS for more information CLICK HERE!

STUDENTS for more information CLICK HERE!