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10 for 10 Greenbelt Youth Campaign

During the 2015-2016 school year, EcoSpark, the Small Change Fund and the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation are supporting schools to create a richer, greener and more robust Greenbelt. For the 10th anniversary of the Greenbelt, 10 schools will receive $10,000 (up to $1,000 per school) to promote and protect our Greenbelt!

Meet EcoSpark’s action-minded 10 for 10 Greenbelt Youth Campaign schools:

Dunbarton High School (Pickering) - Youth Greenbelt Awareness and Action Project

Funds raised gave over 100 students from Dunbarton opportunities to connect with the Greenbelt on two separate trips – a bus tour where they explored different land uses and issues first-hand, and a water quality research trip for the Biology classes.

Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School (Grimsby) - Do This, Not That

For Blessed Trinity Eco-Club members it was all about cleaning up their community’s act and improving waste management. Throughout the year students participated in several clean-ups and hosted assemblies and item drives to repurpose and reuse old items.

Milliken Mills Highschool (Markham) - Greenbelt Youth Charter Action Initiative

Students at Milliken made the Greenbelt their focus throughout the school year with their major project focusing on a series of trails in Claremont, Ontario. Together with the Durham Mountain Biking Association students restored sections of the trails and protected the headwaters of the East Duffins from erosion and degradation.

Toronto Islands School (Toronto) - Bee Beautiful

It’s never too early to start taking positive action for the environment! Students and teachers understood that protecting the Greenbelt is important, and they wanted to do more to ensure that our species of buzzing and flying insects would be supported outside of the Greenbelt too. Together they installed and planted several new pollinator habitats and learned how habitats and landscapes are all connected.

R.A. Riddell Elementary School (Hamilton) - Depave Paradise

Wanting to get back to some green R.A. Riddell organized to have a portion of their pavement removed and replaced it with native plants and grasses. The space will offer students a way to connect to the natural world and learn more about Ontario’s environment.

R.H. King Academy (Toronto) - Greenbelt Awareness and Revitalization Project

Led by keen Greenbelt Ambassadors students at R.H. King brought their classmates on their own tour of Ontario’s Greenbelt. Their trip highlights included the Rouge Valley Watershed and Ganaraska Forest. After experiencing the landscape firsthand students brought their passion home and focused on improving their school grounds removing invasive species and planting native ones.

Palermo Public School (Oakville) - Capture This Moment!

Determined to share the beauty of the Greenbelt with everyone students used photography to communicate threats to ecological health on the Greenbelt. The project highlighted the importance of protecting natural spaces and finding the beauty in all places wild and green!

Aldergrove Public School (Markham) - Building Nature Connection

Intermediate students at Aldergrove each chose one issue affecting the environment and brought these to life in educational and hands-on exhibits of their own design. Students then attended two separate Eco Fairs in York region educating members of the community about the environment and what we can each do to protect it.


Bayview Secondary School (Richmond Hill) - Give Trees a Chance

Bordering the Greenbelt students here wanted to improve their natural spaces and reduce urban noise and traffic pollution. Their project involved planting upwards of 100 trees to restore riparian habitat and will hopefully see the return of birds and wildlife to the area.

This project was generously supported by Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Small Change Fund.